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August 29, 2015

Tony MacAlpine Recovering Nicely

This is one hell of a way to spend your Birthday! Tony, we are all sending you the very best of wishes!

Below is an update from Tony’s long time friend and manager, Michael Mesker.


Hello it’s Mike, Tony’s manager, checking in with some good news on Tony’s birthday!

The operation yesterday lasted over 6 hours, and was a success. Doctors removed the tumor and it does not appear to have spread to other organs. It will be a few days before we know if Tony will require additional chemotherapy, or if he gets a clean bill of health, so we are of course hoping for the latter.

Thank you so much for all the messages of love and support that you have sent Tony. All that positive energy made a huge difference, and continues to do so during what has been a difficult time for Tony and his wife, who has also been battling breast cancer since May.

We will have more news in the coming days, and I expect that Tony will check in with a message for you all soon.

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August 24, 2015

Sending Prayers to Tony MacAlpine

Everybody PLEASE join us in putting some positive energy and heartfelt love out into the Universe to help Tony get well soon. He’s a fighter, and will beat this thing…


To my friends in Asia and Australia, it is with great disappointment and regret that I must announce the postponement of my tours in Asia and Australia.

Last week I was taken to the hospital with severe stomach pains.  Following blood work, multiple MRI scans and various procedures, medical doctors discovered a large mass in my intestine, and it seems likely that we are dealing with cancer. My doctors have advised me that this will need to be dealt with immediately, and I am scheduled for surgery this week.   Recovery from this surgery will take a month – right when I was scheduled to tour the Australasian region.

Providing all goes well,  it is our understanding I should be well enough to perform on the coming European tour.

For Australia and Asia, we are working on rescheduling the shows. We will advise you as soon as possible when the new dates are booked.

In Australia, refunds may be obtained via

In Asia, refunds can be obtained through the ticket purchase outlet.

I want to thank Jellybeard Music & Management (our booking agent in Asia) and Thump Music (our booking agent in Australia) for being so supportive in light of this news.  We apologize for any inconvenience these tour postponements have caused, but I’m determined to make these dates up, and rock your city soon!

Wishing you all the best,


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August 20, 2015

New Single “Sanna Lee”

It’s been a long time coming….. and Agent Cooper is very proud to a release a brand new single. It’s based on the tragic and true story of Sanna Busbee. Dubbed, “Rush / Bluegrass”, the song features our long time friend Matt Laug on drums, and Jeff Spirko on violin. Mixed by Mr. Rush Anderson.

We hope you enjoy our latest creation, and thanks for listening!  SANNA LEE

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April 13, 2015

Tony MacAlpine’s new record “Concrete Gardens”…

It’s not every day Tony MacAlpine asks you to play on his record, but when it happens, it’s a huge honor.  Sean B. Delson laid down big bass on the Title Track itself. We wanted to share this news and help spread the word. “Concrete Gardens” is to be released April 21st. See below for more details and promotions.

The tour we did with him and his merry band of shredders was so much fun, it should have been illegal!

Check it out….


From Tony:


I’m proud to announce that my new album Concrete Gardens will be released April 21, and is now available for pre-order in Digital Download, Standard Edition CD, and Special Edition CD/DVD versions at

Concrete Gardens (Special Edition) - Front
Concrete Gardens (Special Edition) - Back

Pre-order now and get a high quality MP3 of “The King’s Rhapsody” instantly!

Album Tracklisting:
1. Exhibitionist Blvd. 4:28
2. The King’s Rhapsody 4:45
3. Man In A Metal Cage 4:20
4. Poison Cookies 5:06
5. Epic 5:00
6. Napoleon’s Puppet 5:13
7. Sierra Morena 4:52
8. Square Circles 5:12
9. Red Giant 5:10
10. Confessions of a Medieval Monument 5:43
11. Concrete Gardens 5:03
12. Maiden’s Wish 4:19
Album Total Running time: 59:16

Album Personnel:
Tony MacAlpine – Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Aquiles Priester – Drums
Pete Griffin – Bass on 1, 4, 6, 7, 8
Jeff Loomis – Guitar Solo on 8
Lucky Islam – Bass on 9
Sean Delson – Bass on 11

Mixed by Adair Daufembach
Mastered by Seva

Concrete Gardens (Special Edition) is limited to 2000 copies and includes a bonus DVD of Tony and band performing the album live at EMGtv. Featured musicians are: Tony MacAlpine – Guitar & Keyboards; Aquiles Priester – drums; Pete Griffin – bass; Nili Brosh – guitar. Special guest appearance by Jeff Loomis on “Square Circles”. DVD running time approx: 50:00

Pre-order now!


Concrete Gardens Tour 2015

Concrete Gardens Tour 2015

We will be hitting the road and touring the USA in late May-June!  Dates below on sale now, with more dates coming soon!

05/27 Hermosa Beach, CA – Saint Rocke
05/28 Studio City, CA – The Baked Potato
05/29 Studio City, CA – The Baked Potato
05/30 Mexicali, B.C., MX – CEART – Centro Estatal de las Artes
05/31 Ramona, CA – Ramona Mainstage
06/04 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
06/14 Tulsa, OK – Vanguard
06/20 Westland, MI – The Token Lounge
06/24 Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java
06/25 Philadelphia, PA – North Star Bar
06/26 New York, NY – Iridium
06/27 Cambridge, MA – Middle East – Upstairs

Tony’s band is: Aquiles Priester – drums & Bjorn Englen – bass.
Support on most dates is LoNero, with additional support on select dates from Hephystus. Tickets and latest updates:

See you on the road!


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February 14, 2015


A BIG shout out to “G”  on this Valentine’s Day… which also happens to be his Birthday!!!

For reasons unknown, this has made me think of a story. A funny story about the first time we traveled overseas together. I said, “Bro, for the tickets and work permits,  I need your full legal name.” He replied, “Ganesh Giri Jaya”…. to which I replied, “So when we walk up to the airline counter, your passport says Ganesh Giri Jaya???”

“Uhhhhh….. Sorry. Make that Charles English Lee!”

Whatever you choose call him, (and believe me, we call him a lot of things) just know that we are all wishing him and the family the very best Valentine’s/Birthday!

Give him a shout…..


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February 3, 2015

Delson & Craft — “The Cooler” test.

For those of you who have ever recorded and mixed your own music, you will undoubtedly remember the good old “boom box” test when listening to mixes! This was usually followed by the “car stereo” test, and so on… Because Eric Frampton is not a big football fan (in fact I don’t think he’s a fan at all), this left him time to work on the mixing of our latest song called “Miss Me”. It was fun receiving  and listening to the mixes over the weekend. Many of you know Brent as our photographer (Brent Craft Photography), and below you will find a photo that was taken late last night…. where Super Bowl Sunday effortlessly “flowed” into Super Bowl Monday! We were at Brent’s lake house, along with his son, Austin… who built the “Cooler Box Stereo”. An awesome rig where “Miss Me” definitely passed the “test”!

We are striving to have the song finished in a week or so, and I am looking forward to posting it. Hope all of you had a great weekend!

How many of you were happy with the result of the game???

Cooler Test

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January 26, 2015

Guitarz Forever Agent Cooper Interview

Jan 25, 2015

The Agent Cooper Interview

The Agent Cooper Interview

Continue reading “The Agent Cooper Interview”

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January 17, 2015

Eric Frampton Birthday!

We are all wishing  our very talented and handsome keyboard wizard Mr. Eric Frampton a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Bro…. you’ve never looked better!!


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December 19, 2014

A Huge Thanks from Us and Claire House.

We would like to thank all of you again for your continued support. The Children’s Hospice Charity, Claire House, and the families that rely on them are so very thankful. All of the donations that are being made are really making a difference! We spoke to them earlier today, and they assured us that “every little bit helps and does makes a difference.”

We will be there next week, and look forward to giving all of the proceeds from the downloads (plus some extra from Santa!) to them personally.

Thank you all so very much!!


From Doug, Eric, Ganesh, and Sean….  THANK YOU!

Please click here….

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December 17, 2014

Fortunes Lost! From Trombone to Bass Guitar?

Recently, esteemed music critic and column writer Barry Adkins of TARGET AUDIENCE MAGAZINE sat down (virtually) with Sean Delson… He covered some vast ground about Sean’s past, present, and future. If you have a second, please click here and enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

Sean Delson - Stuck Mojo

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